Lettuce Progress

The last photos of the lettuce seedlings were actually a few weeks old, they look like this now! Do you know I've never grown lettuce completely from scratch before? I've always bought little seedlings, which seems kind of crazy since it's practically time to harvest them as soon as you buy them, but I'm afraid of failure. I'm still afraid of failure with these. Are they thinned enough? I can't bare to thin them any more!
Some more little seedlings. I'm so surprised and pleased those chives are coming back! I didn't think they would survive the winter in that little pot.
I finally got a nice little table for outside. There is still a little chill in the air that makes it hard to sit out there but soon!


  1. what a beautiful little balcony garden you have going!

  2. so nice to see all this new green ... my wood strawberries show first buds and i'm looking forward to the first blossoms adding more colour

    really like your mix of different pots