Strawberries Pt. 2!


Just look at these strawberries! I'm really proud of them.

It's so exciting to harvest fresh fruit from my container garden for breakfast. And home grown strawberries are always so sweet and delicious. Just look how red they are!

I've been buried under a mountain of work or I would post more, but exciting things are happening in the garden! I've eaten all the carrots, but more are going to be ready soon, and I've been eating a lot of mustard greens which are doing tremendous. Beans are coming along, tomatoes seem to be doing well so far, and flowers are going crazy. I have to remember to photograph more!


  1. Wow, your strawberry plant looks awesome!

  2. Look at how beautiful your strawberry plant is! It surely looks very sweet! You’ve cultivated different plants and vegetables in your garden, and even though some grow only in cold climates, you still manage to grow a strawberry. I’m looking forward to see other photos of other plants in your garden.

    @Jamie Keifer

  3. i just fell in love with your blog <3 !!!


  4. Oh, how I love to have a container garden too! Your strawberries look so luscious and sweet! How I wish I could make strawberry cake out of them! HmmMm So delicious! Now I’m craving for strawberry delights!