A lovely, also plant crazy, friend gave me all these amazing succulents from her garden! It's so nice to have a little touch of the desert around, especially since it's been raining pretty much every single day for the last three weeks! Once summer gets here Portland actually can be very hot, sunny, and dry, so they should do just fine but until the I'm giving them extra love and support in the form of a little UV lamp.

What extra things do you do for your plants to get them though the colder, darker months?


  1. These are beautiful! I just added some new succulents to my collection as well, an alligator aloe and blush aloe. Together with a rather puny-from-winter cactus I bought in Arizona a couple of years ago, I'm enjoying a tiny bit of desert too ;)

  2. I love succulents! You have a very nice blog!

  3. Julianna, they look so gooooood!! I am so glad you love them. I hope you have a super lovely time on your vacation. I need one ;)