Bits of This and That

I got a book about houseplants at Goodwill the other day. It's nice because it has info and specific care for tons of houseplant species. It also has some examples of "living with plants", most are horrible because I think the book is from the late 70's, but I did really like this room. The tile floor, those wonderful chairs, the market basket, the little orange tree...sigh.

A "spider" fell off my spider plant a few months ago when I was moving and up until recently I was just keeping it in water. I found this sweet vintage pot though and decided it was a good time to move it to soil. I'm sorry to say my spider plants don't much care for my new apartment. They prefer full sun and my place gets no direct sun.

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  1. this pot is so lovely!
    I have a nice collection of 70´s garden books.
    I love the funny old decoration photos of these books :)