The Victorian Kitchen Garden

I've watched this series about 50 times since I discovered it a few months ago (via. Marjorie. Thank you!). It's just so interesting & pleasant. The head gardener in it is so amazing, I wish I had just a tenth of his depth of knowledge! Another thing I especially love about this show is how they show and use all these very specialized tools and techniques (glass tubes to make cucumbers grow straight, a special tiny saw for harvesting asparagus), it's just fascinating! It makes me want to look for some of these kind of things at antique stores.
(there is also a great related show about cooking The Victorian Kitchen)


  1. Isn't it the dreamiest show!!?? Thanks so much for your kind 'thank' as well!! I just found your new plant blog, how splendid it is!! I'll be dropping in often...you have such a magical eye for lovely plants. : ) Happy Spring to You!!

  2. perfect blog! I love plants and your blog make me happy! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm happy it makes you happy too:)

  3. Uf, It is sure that I will improve my english with this show!
    Thank you very much for the link!

  4. Make sure you see The Victorian Flower Garden :) There are lots of series like this one, I personaly am hooked!